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#LeadFree: Newer Corning Casserole Dishes

This newer oval Corning Ware casserole tested negative for lead, mercury, cadmium and arsenic. Tested with an XRF instrument in 2014. Would you like to see more test results like this?  Please consider making a small monthly gift in support of my advocacy here: – Thank you for reading, following and sharing! Please ask questions […]

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#LeadFree: Clear Glass Dish from Walmart

Newer clear glass plate (tested in 2014), purchased at Walmart. #LeadFREE! Non-detect for lead when tested with an XRF instrument. (Lemon included for size!) Here are some Amazon links* to similar lead-free clear-glass choices on Amazon: 1) 2) 3) Would you like to see more test results like this? Please help me […]

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#LeadFree Clear Glass Dishware Choices

#AskTamara Question: Tamara are there any modern clear glass dishes that are also lead-free? A: Yes!  While vintage glassware is often positive for lead, and even some new clear glass products can test positive for trace* amounts of lead, there are several brands of clear glass dishware that I have tested that have been consistently […]

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#LeadFree: Princess House Mug

All “Princess House” brand glassware that I have tested has been 100% free of lead (Pb), cadmium (Cd), mercury (Hg), and arsenic (As.) This is an amazing feat for a vintage glassware item. Tested with an XRF instrument. Thanks to Bronwyn Cunningham for donating and supporting my advocacy! Each donation helps make a new post possible! Here’s a […]

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#AskTamara: What laundry detergent do you use to get rid of lead?

Since this comes up all the time I decided it was finally time to write a post about this! The question is: “Tamara, what laundry detergent do you use when you want to get rid of lead?” The Answer: I get the biggest box I can find of Scent Free / Dye Free Arm & Hammer […]

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#SaferChoices: French Press Coffee Makers, #AskTamara

I get this question A LOT! “Tamara, what coffee maker do you use?” A: Mostly we use a French press style coffee maker. However I do want to clarify that I have found lead in several French presses.  Specifically (as with many measuring cups and other glass items with logos or marked writings on the […]

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#AskTamara: Cupcakes, Muffins and Legos! Oh My!

#AskTamara: “What do you use to make muffins and cupcakes???!!!” Hello! Something that I think is really fun/interesting/exciting about my advocacy work is that I NEVER know which of my posts or responses is going to cause a stir on Facebook/Social Media! It’s always a surprise to me, even when  – in hindsight – it […]

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Glass Reusable Drinking Straws

#AskTamara: What reusable straws do you use? Someone recently asked me about straws. All of the reusable straws I have tested so far have been lead-free, both the plain glass and plain stainless steel ones. I really like the glass ones because you can see inside and know if they are clean or not (vs. […]

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