For those who don’t care about WHY I choose these items for making cupcakes…

#AskTamara: “What do you use to make muffins and cupcakes???!!!”

The previous post is a long post about WHY I make the following non-toxic, lead-free choices for what I use to make cupcakes. For those of you who trust my recommendations and don’t have time to read the full post… here’s just the links to the products I use on Amazon*! (Click here to read the previous post with the deets if you like!)

high quality stainless steel cupcake tins:
non-toxic, conscientiously-manufactured paper baking cups:

and minis!

As always, thank you for reading and please feel free to ask questions!


Tamara Elise Rubin
Mother of four sons!

*Links on this post may include Amazon Affiliate links. If you make Amazon purchases as a result of clicking through from these links, I may receive a small percentage of what you spend, at no extra cost to you. Thank you for supporting my advocacy work in this way!

I often use cupcake tins for the kids for art projects (see pic below! sorting legos, organizing modeling clay bit, or beads, etc.) I have relegated my older cupcake tins to those uses (including any not made of stainless steel or any with any kind of coating  – including nonstick, which I also would not use for baking in my home.)

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