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#LeadFreeChina: Noritake

Noritake Stoneware, Made in Japan plate: tested negative for lead! #Woot! Please note: MOST of the vintage Noritake I have tested has been positive for high levels of lead.  When it comes to the relative safety of vintage dishware, you really cannot extrapolate simply from a brand name. To see more safe choices for your family, check […]

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Baum Ceramic Plate (New, 2017)

Baum Ceramic Plate. Tested with an XRF instrument. #LowLead #LeadSafe 52 parts per million (ppm) lead +/- 19 ppm. This amount of lead is considered safe by all American and European standards. This link is my Amazon Affiliate link to a similar product by this manufacturer. If you click on my Amazon links and choose […]

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Target Home “ramekin”, White Ceramic

Target Home ramekin White ceramic Similar to the product on this Amazon Affiliate link: Tested with an XRF 38 +/- 24 ppm lead #LowLead #LeadSafe Safe by all standards – Please consider supporting my independent consumer goods testing by making a contribution here. Thank you!

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Vintage Clear Ball Jar

Here’s another one! Vintage clear Ball jar with glass lid! 46 ppm lead, (+/- 15 ppm). Also positive for trace cadmium. It’s very common for vintage clear glass to have trace lead (less common for newly manufactured clear glass). See the test results for this item on the XRF screen in the picture. Read about #CadmiumConcerns here. […]

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