#Phase4: Tort Claim Notice, Delivered May 11, 2018

“To Whom It May Concern: This tort claim notice is provided on behalf of Tamara Rubin pursuant to ORS 30.275. This letter serves as notice that Ms. Rubin may sue Oregon public entities and employees of those entities, including but not limited to the State of Oregon, the Oregon Department of Justice, the Oregon Department of Human Services, the Multnomah County Sheriff, and the Multnomah County District Attorney for the wrongful prosecution and arrest of Ms. Rubin.”  [To continue reading the full notice, please click on the image of the first page below.]

For my own purposes I am calling this “Phase 4” of the giant mess that is the attack on my advocacy work.

  • Phase 1 was the DOJ inquiry into the financial practices and health of the nonprofit I founded, Lead Safe America Foundation. (read more here)
  • Phase 2 was the exhaustive investigative audit of my personal finances in relation to this matter by the IRS, which led to the IRS’ eventual dismissal of the concern (read more here).
  • Phase 3 was my illegal arrest and the resultant financial hardship, defamation and other damages (read more here).
  • Phase 4 (starting now) will be justice being served in this matter, including (but not limited to) my attorneys fees being reimbursed, my lost income being recovered, my reputation as an advocate being restored and more.

As shown in the notice below, the entities we intend to sue include:

  • The Oregon Department of Justice
  • The Oregon Department of Human Services
  • The Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office and
  • The Multnomah County District Attorney

I still need your help to have success in this. As always, donations in support of my work are always welcome (links below), however, please let me know if you are in a position to help with any of the following:

  • Recommending an Oregon attorney for my team who can take the full case on on contingency (including incidentals and related costs).
  • Loaning me funds short term (for the next year) to be repaid with interest so I can get current on my bills (including many bills directly related to my legal case and my advocacy), goal $50,000.
  • Refer me to a journalist in the national press [the Washington Post? The New York Times?] who may be interested in writing about this story.
  • Help me line up events/speaking gigs to help me cover my costs during this time (my base event fee is $5,500 and I often integrate free blood lead testing and free consumer goods testing for all attendees at these events).
  • Help me find a literary agent that might be interested in signing me for a book deal based on this case.

Thank you! As always, feel free to let me know if you have any questions. My best email is Tamara at LeadSafeMama dot com.

Chip In

Click the image below (of the first page of the notice) to read the full notice.

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