31 Fidget Spinner Test Results (video)

The video linked below shows the test results for 31 of the “fidget spinners” we tested (in no particular order), using an XRF instrument [testing of these was done in June of 2017]. In this batch, 45% of the spinners tested positive for at least some amount of lead. There are separate posts with photos of many of the fidgets in this video here on this blog. The video is just 90 seconds long. Thank you for watching, and for sharing.

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In my advocacy, I get challenged by companies and others who don’t like the testing results I publish here on my blog (or companies that don’t like other truths I share about their work practices or products). As a consequence, I have a team of lawyers and other professionals defending my advocacy work.  These professionals are incredibly generous, donating a lot of their time and reducing their rates, yet I currently still have nearly $14,000* in outstanding legal and other bills related to defending my work that I need to pay before the end of the year. Anything you contribute will help cover these costs as well as help with the cost of renting an XRF instrument each month – so that I can continue to do independent consumer goods testing (and sharing the results with the public!)

*(updated Nov 9, 2017)

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