Pyrex Glass 100th Anniversary Measuring Cup (2013): Positive for 54 ppm Cadmium in the Dark Blue Exterior Markings.

2013 “100th Anniversary” Pyrex glass measuring cup with dark blue painted markings. When tested with an XRF instrument this cup had the following readings: Lead (Pb): ND/Non-Detect (Negative) Cadmium (Cd):  54 +/- 8 ppm Cadmium is a known possible carcinogen and, regardless of regulatory standards and “allowable limits”, does not belong in our cookware. To […]

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Older/Antique/Vintage “Ball” brand canning jar

Re-posting from 2014. Older/Antique/Vintage “Ball” brand canning jar. Blue Glass: safe (tested negative/ non-detect for lead). Lid: 861 ppm lead & 1,537 cadmium . Tested with an XRF. from Please consider contributing in support of my childhood lead poisoning prevention advocacy work here or here. Thank you!

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#LeadPaintedSchoolYards: Portland, Oregon

Yellow painted lines on school yard in Portland Public school Elementary School – Llewellyn /Sellwood – 25,700 ppm lead. In spite of a public declaration to “Keep PPS Schoolyards Safe And Healthy” this is simply not happening! —- Originally Posted; July 2016. —- Hey you guys! More lead! #Sigh I knew the yellow street lines (and curbs) […]

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Hard To Read Prop 65 Labeling on Earthpaste Product Intended for Children

 For my #SaferChoices post about toothpaste, click here. To see all of the Earthpaste posts in one place, click here. Below are the packaging images from Earthpaste’s Lemon Twist flavor product. You can click on the images to see them larger. This product is clearly marketed for parents to use with their children (note the googlie […]

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