January 7, 2015, Adventure Day #1

At the airport – saying goodbye to daddy… headed on a 6-hour flight to Granny’s to see if we can: 1) help Avi’s plaque psoriasis / get him better or at least stabilized & 2) focus on some Mama/Charlie time to see if an extended stay away from home (and away from the “regular routines”) […]

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I don’t like the parent I’ve become

I don’t like the parent I’ve become. Afraid. Afraid of taking my kids out in public. Afraid of how they’ll act. Afraid of what they’ll do. Afraid of how others will perceive them. Afraid of how others will react. Afraid others will judge. Afraid to take a nap at home because they may run away. […]

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Rubin Family 2011

Q: Should Adults Get Tested?

I posted out about getting tested when you are pregnant (on Facebook.) This is Dawn’s comment/ question (6/23/2014): No, I never thought of it [getting a blood lead level test while pregnant.] Before I discovered you I only thought we were exposed to lead via chipping paint. The Organic Mom has posted items such as […]

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#AskTamara: We found leaded plumbing in our newer home! What should we do?

June 8, 2014 Sarah (Via Facebook.) QUESTION: Dear Tamara, Hello! So update: we bought some lead testing kits and tested all of my daughters toys. Nothing came up BUT we randomly tested our water pipes and bingo! It looks like the solder is lead. Test came up positive right away. I’m so upset. Our house […]

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6 Quart Instant Pot Tamara Rubin Lead Safe Mama 8

#AskTamara: Do you have any recommendations for a non-toxic slow cooker?

Originally Posted, June 2014. Question From Stacy (Via Facebook.) Updated: July 2018 QUESTIONS: Dear Tamara, Hello! I love your work and appreciate all the wonderful things you share with us. I was hoping you could help me with 2 things…I would love to get a slow cooker for our family. Do you have any recommendations […]

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