#LeadSafeMama Stats: Top Months Ever… (as of April 11, 2019)

For those who follow my blog on a regular basis, you know I get a kick out of checking out my stats… (which is actually kind of funny since I all-but-failed statistics in high school and grad-school! Maybe I’m making up for what I missed back in the day?)

Anyhow… today I noticed that (as of today) April 2019 just inched in the the spot of “6th best month ever”, even though it’s only April 11th!!!

Here’s the order of top months (of all time, by unique site views) as of this moment:

  1. March 2019 • with 1,302,553 views (#TupperwareGate2019)
  2. December 2018 • with 202,720 views (#DiffuserGate2018)
  3. January 2019 • with 195,528 views
  4. November 2019 • with 141,818 views
  5. February 2019, with 91,636 views
  6. April 2019, with 72,650 views as of 11 p.m. 4/11/2019
  7. June 2017, with 71,945 views (Fidget Spinners & Jelly Shoes)
  8. November 2017, with 70,450 views (Fidget Spinners & Arrested!)

At this rate I’m expecting April 2019 to inch its way up to #3 (or possibly even #2) by the end of the month!

Last month I got a taste of what the possibilities might be. If I could somehow eventually reach 1,000,000 views a month on a regular basis – this work will actually be covering my expenses! #LifeGoals!

Thanks for being here and thank you for reading and sharing my posts!

Tamara Rubin

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