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Is my tupperware Toxic Lead Safe Mama overview post

Is MY Tupperware Toxic? Here are pictures of everything I have tested so far with links to the XRF test results.

Check back here periodically for updates. Each time I add a new post I will upload a picture and link it to the post with the test results. Please note that just because (for example) ONE orange cup is negative for toxicants that does not mean that all items of that color will be negative. […]

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Yellow VIntage Tupperware Bowl Lead Safe Mama 1

Vintage Tupperware YELLOW bowl: 2,677 ppm Cadmium + 15 ppm Mercury (both are extremely poisonous to humans).

To read details about the concern for toxicants in vintage Tupperware products, I encourage you to read my original post on the subject here (and please also read all of the comments and responses on that post for the full conversation.) Thank you! [Please also scroll down to see all of the images – which […]

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Vintage Yellow Plastic Tupperware Measuring Cups Lead Safe Mama 3

Stop using your vintage Tupperware NOW. These measuring cups are positive for 2,103 ppm Lead + 250 ppm Arsenic.

To share this post on Facebook, click here (also please read the comment threads here and on Facebook, they are very entertaining!) Introduction: Tamara Rubin is a independent advocate for consumer goods safety and she is also a mother of Lead-poisoned children. She began testing consumer goods for toxicants in 2009 and was the parent-advocate […]

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