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#Leaded: Vintage “You Are The Sunshine” Ceramic Mug

“You Are The Sunshine” Coffee Mug. 3,151 ppm lead, 571 ppm cadmium, & 948 ppm arsenic. (white unglazed ceramic: 20 ppm lead) Tested with an XRF instrument December 2015. Thanks to Kelly Paluso for donating and supporting my advocacy! For #SaferChoices for your family, click here. If you would like to support my advocacy work […]

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Silver Bordered Vintage China Mug / Tea Cup: 104,700 ppm Lead [90 ppm Lead is unsafe for kids.]

Mug with “silver” border (where your lips would go!) It turns out the “silver” is achieved by using Leaded glaze! Inside of cup is 845 ppm lead, “silver” border is 104,700 ppm Lead. Tested with an XRF instrument in 2014. I apologize that I did not capture information about the maker or pattern on this […]

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#Leaded: Yellow Unmarked Vintage Mug

Sunny yellow coffee mug; no mark or maker – 215,800 ppm lead! Hazard level for a modern/newly manufactured toy is anything 90 ppm lead or greater. There is no regulation** limiting total lead content in dishes as detected with an XRF (especially vintage dishes) & this one is cracked and crazing, so likely leaching lead […]

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#LeadFree: Irish Coffee Mugs

Lead-Free Handmade Irish Coffee Mugs Tested with an XRF Instrument by an operator trained & certified in using the instrument. Many handmade modern pieces are lead-free!  As your local potter if they use lead in their glazes, some may even be marked as lead-free (look on the bottom of the piece or on the tag […]

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Leaded Mugs: Yellow & Blue

Yellow Mug: 200 ppm lead Blue Mug: non-detect for lead. No mark or maker At my friend Nancy’s house.  She loves “yard-sailing”! #XRFTesting This is one of several posts where I will share very little information and really focus on the photos and the XRF Test results.  If you have an interest in learning more […]

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#LeadedMugs: The Volunteer

Souvenir Mug: 101 ppm lead & 434 ppm chromium. Most souvenir or promotional mugs are very high lead!  If you have an interest in learning more about these posts (likely because you are new to my site!) please check out this post and this post for a start!  Thanks for visiting! For lead-free mug choices click […]

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Green (Recycled?) Glass Mug: 431 ppm Lead. [For context: 100 ppm Lead is considered unsafe in toys.]

When tested with an XRF instrument this clear glass mug (with green tint, probably recycled glass) had the following readings: Lead (Pb): 431 ppm Mercury (Hg): Negative/Non-Detect (ND) Cadmium (Cd): Negative/Non-Detect (ND) Glassware with a tint often has at least some level of Lead. Recycled glassware also often has at least some level of Lead.  If […]

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