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Suncraft Blue Elephant Sippy Cup Lead Safe Mama 1

Suncraft Stainless Steel Child’s Cup with Blue Silicone Elephant Top: Lead Free, Cadmium Free, Arsenic Free

Here’s an Amazon affiliate link to this cup: When tested with an XRF instrument the blue silicone elephant top on this child’s cup (from Suncraft) had the following readings: (Testing done for 60 seconds, if a metal is not listed below it was not detected.) Lead (Pb): Non-Detect Mercury (Hg): Non-Detect Cadmium (Cd): Non-Detect Arsenic […]

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Yeti Pink Limited Edition Rambler Tumbler Lead Safe Mama 1

Pink Yeti Rambler 20 oz. Tumbler: Lead Free In All Accessible Components

Please note: the test results on this post are ONLY for the specific pink tumbler pictured and described here. As I have not tested many products from this brand, I cannot guarantee that other similar (or different) tumblers will have the same test results. I have one other similar tumbler (in a different color) that […]

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Zack 20085 Rezzo Stainless Steel Tumbler Lead Safe Mama

XRF Test Results For Zack 20085 Rezzo Stainless Steel Tumbler

 Zack 20085 Rezzo Tumbler Heavy Duty Stainless Steel This item consists of one “component” with two distinct areas needing testing: The main body of the cup. The logo area of the cup (which may be etched or may be painted). Click here for an Amazon affiliate link* for this exact item. To learn more about […]

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21151603_1420062171445516_7315521478475519580_n Stainless Divided Plate

Ecolunchboxes Stainless divided plate: #LeadFree. My Amazon Affiliate Link: Tested “non-detect” for lead using an XRF instrument.  FYI: 5,938 parts per million (ppm) Nickle (Ni.) This is a relatively low amount of nickel for something made of stainless steel. Most stainless is about 82,000 ppm nickel. Some stainless from Ikea that I have tested has […]

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