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Whole Foods 365 Brand Almond Butter in a Plastic Jar 1 Lead Safe Mama c

Plastic Jar for “365” Whole Foods Brand Almond Butter: 195 ppm Antimony

This post is a companion post to several other pieces published earlier. For background and context, please read the two other posts. The overall focus of these posts is that I advise avoiding purchasing nut-butters packaged in plastic jars. To see all of the related posts, click here. Below are the XRF test results for the […]

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Starbucks 2018 Reusable Red Holiday Cup Toxicity Testing Lead Safe Mama 2

Does the 2018 Starbucks reusable holiday cup test positive for any “nasties”?

If you have been following my work for a while you know that I have found several Starbucks branded cups and mugs to be positive for high levels of Lead (Pb) and Cadmium (Cd) in the past. To see more Starbucks cups & mugs I have tested, Click Here. Therefore I was not surprised today, […]

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Please dont ever buy peanut butter packaged in plastic jars Lead Safe Mama

#NLR: Please don’t ever buy peanut butter packaged in plastic “jars”.

#NLR = “Not Lead Related!” This post has nothing to do with Lead (Pb) or Lead-poisoning — or even heavy metals toxicity; it’s just about peanut butter (the other “P.B.”!) This is a little bit of advice I have personally been sharing with friends for 17 years now, and I thought it would be good […]

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