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1982 Tupperware Catalog Lead Safe Mama Page 001 Front Cover

1982 Tupperware Catalog (a gift from one of my readers to help us date some of the pieces we have tested for Lead.)

I am so thankful to one of my readers (thank you Gail!) who found the 1982 Tupperware catalog and photographed each and every page and e-mailed them to me! Here they are to serve as a reference to help us date some of the vintage Tupperware pieces that I (together with the help of my […]

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Is my tupperware Toxic Lead Safe Mama overview post

“Is MY Tupperware Toxic?” (Images for each item tested – linked to test results for Mercury, Lead, Arsenic & Cadmium.)

Check back here periodically for updates. Each time I add a new post I will upload a picture to the photo grid below, and link it to the post with the test results. Please take into consideration that just because (for example) one orange cup is negative for toxicants that does not mean that all items […]

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Red Tupperware Mug and Saucer Lead Safe Mama 1

Red Tupperware Mug and Saucer, Year Unknown: Red plastic elements are negative for Lead, Mercury, Cadmium & Arsenic.

To see more Tupperware items I have tested, click here. The saucer of this set was sent to me for testing. The only consideration with this that my readers really need to be aware of is that I have not tested the white decorative element on the mug and cannot know without testing if that […]

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Plastic Vintage “Grumpy” Plastic Disney Mug: 449 ppm Lead (90 ppm Lead is considered unsafe for kids.)

This vintage plastic cup from Disney – with a picture of Grumpy the dwarf on it – is positive for Lead both in the plastic and in the paint for the Grumpy design.   This yellow mug had the following XRF readings: The plain yellow plastic part of the cup: Lead (Pb): 387 +/- 22 […]

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#GuessingGame: Vintage (1970s?) Disney Snow White Cups

Which one do you think has lead? How much lead do you think it has? Why? Click here to see the XRF test results for the yellow mug. Click here to see the XRF test results for the blue mug. Here’s a modern #LeadFree version of a Disney cup for kids on Amazon! Here are […]

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