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Mexico Maracas Lead Safe Mama 1

Hand Painted Wooden Maracas, Made In Mexico: 1,219 ppm Lead (Context: 90 ppm is illegal in new children’s items).

  I tested this set of wooden (made in Mexico) maracas with an XRF instrument, and the painted area on these had the following reading: Lead (Pb): 1,219 ppm For context, the amount of Lead that is considered unsafe in a newly manufactured item intended for use by children is anything 90 ppm Lead or […]

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Tiny Brass Handcast Tibetan Handcast Meditation Bowl Lead Safe Mama 3

Tiny Brass “Handcast” Tibetan Meditation Bowl: 56,400 ppm Lead [this is a very typical amount of Lead for yellow brass!]

When tested with an XRF instrument this tiny Tibetan handcast meditation bowl was positive for 56,400 ppm Lead. That’s 5.6% Lead. Continue reading below the image. “Handcast Meditation Bowl Box: This handcart bowl is made with a special four-metal alloy that produces a powerful harmonic resonance when rung. Each bowl is hand tuned and has […]

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2006 Nursery Songs Xylophone Book Tamara Rubin Lead Safe Mama

2006 Nursery Songs Book With Built In Xylophone: 62,500 ppm Lead

Nursery Songs book with built in xylophone. First published in 2006 by The Five Mile Press Pty Ltd, e-mail: Tested positive as high as 62,500 ppm LEAD!!!!!! (when tested with an XRF instrument.) The component that was the highest lead was the yellow xylophone key. New legislation was signed and put in place in the […]

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Brass Cymbal Tamara Rubin Toy Leaded Brass Lead Safe Mama

#Leaded: Toy Brass Cymbal with Wooden Handle

Child’s mini brass cymbal – with wooden handle: 274 ppm lead. Modern toys are regulated and required to be under 90 ppm lead when tested with an XRF instrument (90 ppm in the coating or 100 ppm in the substrate). Year of manufacture and maker of this toy are unknown. Tested in 2012 with an XRF […]

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#Leaded: Vintage 1980 Fisher Price / Quaker Oats Toy Radio

1980 Fisher Price toy plastic radio with wind up music box. — Yellow plastic components: 2,087 +/- 55 ppm lead, 20 +/- 10 ppm cadmium, 204 +/- 37 ppm arsenic. — Whit plastic components: 58 +/- 10 ppm lead. 108 +/- 12 ppm cadmium — Blue plastic knob: 22 +/- 7 ppm lead. — Metal […]

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