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Vintage Red Pyrex Milk Glass Fridge Container with Lid Tamara Rubin Lead Safe Mama 1

Red Vintage Pyrex Food Storage Container with Lid: 310,000 ppm Lead + 14,200 ppm Arsenic + 33,200 ppm Cadmium

This vintage Pyrex food storage container (which I bought on eBay for my book and my #MuseumOfLead collection) was positive for lead at some of the highest levels I have ever found. It’s super interesting to note how the red is fairly solid with few blemishes and little wear, much like it would have been […]

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Vintage Milk Glass Christmas Tom And Jerry Mug 2

Tom And Jerry Vintage Milk Glass Christmas Mug: 37,100 ppm Lead + Cadmium

To see more Christmas items I have tested, Click HERE. These little “Tom and Jerry” Christmas mug was tested with an XRF instrument and the results were as follows: White Milk Glass (unpainted): Lead (Pb): 176 +/- 19 ppm Bromine (Br): 9 +/- 3 ppm Green Paint: Lead (Pb): 37,100 +/- 1,000 ppm Cadmium (Cd): […]

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Vintage Green Pyrex Spring Blossom Mixing Bowl with Cat Tamara Rubin Lead Safe Mama

Vintage Pyrex Spring Blossom Green Crazy Daisy Mixing Bowls: 109,900 ppm Lead + Cadmium Too!

I’m super excited to now own a set of these incredibly lead-toxic mixing bowls for my “museum of lead” collection! [eBay find!, purchased for my upcoming book, “I Make Women Cry And Throw Out Their Shit!“.] This pattern was the pattern that started it all for me, in terms of finding incredibly high lead in […]

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Spring Blossom Vintage Pyrex Cup Mug Tamara Rubin Lead Safe Mama 1

Vintage Spring Blossom Green “Crazy Daisy” Pyrex Cup: 39,300 ppm Lead + 833 ppm Cadmium [90 ppm Pb is unsafe 4 kids!]

Vintage Pyrex Spring Blossom Green “Crazy Daisy” Pattern Cups. The dark green/almost black paint on these mugs tested positive for the following elements at the following levels (with a one-minute test, using an XRF instrument): Lead (Pb): 39,300 +/- 1,600 ppm Cadmium (Cd): 833 +/- 61 ppm Arsenic (As): ND Mercury (Hg): ND Platinum (Pt): […]

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Vintage Milk Glass Saucer

Vintage Milk Glass Saucer with Gold Rim: 648 ppm lead (+/- 43 ppm), 9 ppm Cadmium (+/- 6 ppm). Read about #CadmiumConcerns here. Tamara’s Grade: “D” “D” = I would not want to use it in my home, I would prefer not to eat food that you served on it in your home.  If you offered me […]

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