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Tiny Brass Handcast Tibetan Handcast Meditation Bowl Lead Safe Mama 3

Tiny Brass “Handcast” Tibetan Meditation Bowl: 56,400 ppm Lead [this is a very typical amount of Lead for yellow brass!]

When tested with an XRF instrument this tiny Tibetan handcast meditation bowl was positive for 56,400 ppm Lead. That’s 5.6% Lead. Continue reading below the image. “Handcast Meditation Bowl Box: This handcart bowl is made with a special four-metal alloy that produces a powerful harmonic resonance when rung. Each bowl is hand tuned and has […]

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Vintage Wooden Percussion Drum Alabama Lead Safe Mama 5

XRF Test Results For Vintage Handmade Wooden Percussion Drum

When tested with an XRF instrument all components of this piece were negative (Non-Detect) for the following metals (& any other metal not listed below in the specific results listing): Lead (Pb) Mercury (Hg) Cadmium (Cd) Arsenic (As) Antimony (Sb) Selenium (Se) Chromium (Cr) Here’s a link to a similar style drum on Amazon.* In […]

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Thara Memory's Mouthpiece Tamara Rubin Lead Safe Mama

#AskTamara: Could A Vintage Leaded Brass Mouthpiece Cause Kidney Failure In A Trumpet Player?

#AskTamara Question: Could a vintage leaded brass mouthpiece cause (or contribute to) kidney failure in a professional trumpet player? Answer: Maybe. The vintage (c. 1980s or earlier) trumpet mouthpiece shown here tested positive for a relatively high level of lead for leaded brass (22,200 ppm lead.) It is a bare leaded brass mouthpiece that is […]

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BluesBand Hohner International New Harmonica: Positive for Mercury & Arsenic!

#LeadFree New 2017 luesBand, Hohner International Harmonica. Tested with an XRF instrument. Most of the components of this instrument are free of heavy metals, however, the small bronze/ yellow colored square elements with scalloped edges (see close up photo above) had the following readings when tested with an XRF instrument: Lead (Pb): Negative/ Non-Detect Mercury […]

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