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Filana Organic Beeswax Crayons Lead Safe Mama

NonToxic Organic Beeswax Crayons (2019) USA Made: 2 colors positive for trace Cadmium (a known carcinogen.)

1.) Black: Confirmed with 120 second (two minute) test. Cadmium (Cd): 13 +/- 6 ppm Zinc (Zn): 24 +/- 11 ppm Iron (Fe): 174,400 +/- 2,600 ppm Vanadium (V): 67 +/- 25 ppm Titanium (Ti): 320 +/- 45 ppm Indium (In): 20 +/- 8 ppm Magnesium (Mn): 993 +/- 133 ppm no other metals detected. […]

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Honey Sticks Beeswax Crayons New Zealand Lead Safe Mama 6

Honey Sticks Beeswax Crayons, made in New Zealand: red & pink ones were positive for about 17 ppm Cadmium.

This post is reporting the XRF test results for the Honey Sticks Beeswax Crayons “Thins” pictured above.(Made in New Zealand). It’s important to note that when testing something like a crayon, there is a possibility of getting different XRF readings over the course of testing different areas of a single crayon. This is especially true in […]

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Stockmar Beeswax Block Crayons Made In Germany Tamara Rubin Lead Safe Mama 1

#AskTamara: Do Stockmar Beeswax Crayons Have Lead (Pb)?

#AskTamara Question: Do Stockmar beeswax crayons have lead (Pb)? Answer: Below is a full summary of the specific XRF Test Results for a newly purchased set of  Stockmar Wachsmalblöcke Wax Block Beeswax Crayons  (purchased in August of 2018 off of This is new-in-box product. If you are in a rush to see the results, please […]

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Final XRF Test Results Washable Crayola Crayons 2018 Tamara Rubin Lead Safe Mama 2

#AskTamara: Do Crayola Crayons Have Lead? …in 2018?

#AskTamara: Questions: What did you find when you tested Crayola crayons for lead (Pb)?, 2018 Do Crayola crayons have lead? Answers: This summer (August 2018) I tested newly purchased Crayola crayons for lead (they were also tested for arsenic [As], mercury [Hg] and cadmium [Cd]). All testing I do and report here on my website […]

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Crayola Crayons 2017 Tamara Rubin Lead Safe Mama

#AskTamara: Are my kids’ crayons toxic? Which brand of crayons is safe?

#AskTamara: Question: Are my kids’ crayons toxic? Which brand of crayons is safe? Answer: Yes, it is very possible that one or more crayons in your child’s crayon box contain some detectable level of heavy metals when tested with an XRF instrument. In fact – while I have not tested all brands (I have only tested […]

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