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Corning Casserole Patters with Lead Lead Safe Mama

“How much Lead is in my vintage Corning casserole?” Here are pictures of each one I’ve tested, with links to test results.

Check back here periodically for updates. Each time I add a new post I will upload a picture to the photo grid below, and link it to the post with the test results.  Click any of the images below to see the corresponding XRF test results (listing all metals found) for that exact item pictured. […]

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Corning Ware Vintage Floral Casserole Lead Safe Mama 1

Corningware 3-Quart Casserole Dish: 29,900 ppm Lead + 602 ppm Cadmium [90 ppm Lead is considered unsafe for kids.]

When tested with an XRF instrument this 3-Quart Corning Ware casserole dish had the following reading set (reading was taken on the painted floral pattern on the exterior of the dish): Lead (Pb): 29,700 +/- 800 ppm Cadmium (Cd): 602 +/- 36 ppm Mercury (Hg): Non-Detect (ND) Barium (Ba): Non-Detect (ND) Chromium (Cr): Non-Detect (ND) […]

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Screen Shot 2018-12-28 at 4.41.00 PM

Vintage (1972-1988) Corning Ware Spice-o-Life Casserole: 26,500 ppm Lead… TEXTBOOK RESPONSE FROM CORNINGWARE TODAY

In response to my original post referenced in the title above [Link HERE] today, Corningware shared the following response (when Sabrina – a friend of a friend on Facebook – shared the post and tagged them): “We appreciate you [sic] concern for our products, Sabrina! We can assure you that older Corningware items would have met […]

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Spice-O-Life Corningware Casserole Lead Safe Mama 2

Vintage (1972-1988) Corning Spice-o-Life Casserole: 26,500 ppm Lead [90 ppm is unsafe*] & 236 ppm Cd [75 is unsafe.]

Since this post has gone viral (December 2018), I updated it with an introduction for those who are new to my website. I am a mother of Lead poisoned children. My children were poisoned in 2005 by the work of a painting contractor, you can see more about my story in the trailer to my […]

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Pastel Bouquet Corningware Casserole Dish Lead Safe Mama 2

Corningware (c. 1985-1990) Pastel Bouquet Pattern Casserole: 20,400 ppm Lead + 205 Cadmium [90 ppm Lead is toxic.]

As expected, the exterior decorative painted flowers on this vintage Pastel Bouquet pattern Corningware casserole was positive for high levels of Lead when tested with an XRF instrument. Here’s a link to a post on a blog that helps to date many of the Corningware patterns. To learn more about XRF testing, click here. To […]

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Corning Tulip Pattern Casserole Tamara Rubin Lead Safe Mama 2

Vintage (1995-1997) Corningware Rosemarie Tulip Pattern Oven Casserole: 8,164 ppm Lead + 165 ppm Cadmium

As expected, the exterior decorative pink painted tulip pattern on this vintage Rose Marie Tulip Pattern Corning casserole was positive for high levels of lead when tested with an XRF instrument. To learn more about XRF testing, click here. Here’s the XRF test results for the exterior design on this exact piece: Lead (Pb): 8,164 […]

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Vintage (1972-1988) Corning Ware Spice-o-Life Casserole: 21,800 ppm Lead

This vintage Corningware Spice-o-Life casserole dish tested positive for lead when tested with an XRF instrument at 21,800 ppm Lead in the decoration on the outside of the dish.   On the plain white inside it was negative for Lead, Mercury, Cadmium and Arsenic. Tested in 2014. Here’s a link to a post on a […]

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Information! Corning Patterns and Production Years

I just did a little google search for Corning Ware patterns and came up with this lovely website that has some interesting information, especially when looking to which years (and specifically – how recently) Corning Ware patterns had high levels of lead! I took screenshots of the patterns I have tested and if you click […]

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Corningware c. 1996-1998 “Summer Blush” Square Casserole Dish with Pansies: 15,500 ppm Lead

“Made in Illinois” Summer Blush pattern square Corningware baking / casserole dish with pansies. Period of manufacture: c. 1996-1998. The colored flower pattern on the outside of this dish was positive for 15,500 ppm Lead when tested with an XRF instrument. The amount of lead that is considered toxic in the paint or coating of an […]

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Blue “Cornflower” Design Corningware Baking Pan: Lead-Free

Corning Blue Corn Flower Casserole, lead free! (non-detect for lead). Tested with an XRF Year of manufacture unknown Many of the ones like this (with this blue pattern) that I have tested have been negative for lead, but not all of them and it seems to depend on the year of manufacture. HOWEVER any of […]

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