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#Leaded: Vintage Shenandoah Cinderella Pyrex Mixing Bowl

Vintage Pyrex Cinderella Style Shenandoah Pattern Mixing Bowl: The paint on this bowl tested positive for the following elements at the following levels (with a one-minute test, using an XRF instrument):   Lead (Pb): 85,600 +/- 4,100 ppm Cadmium (Cd): 1,194 +/- 99 ppm Arsenic (As): ND Mercury (Hg): ND Gold (Au): 589 +/- 226 […]

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#Leaded: Vintage Pyrex Cinderella Mixing Bowl in Black & White “Gooseberry” Pattern, c. 1957-1966

Small vintage “Gooseberry” pattern Pyrex Cinderella style mixing bowl- white glass with black paint. Black painted pattern: 35,500 parts per million (ppm) lead. White glass: 183 ppm lead.  To learn more about XRF Testing & the potential implications of lead in cookware click HERE and HERE.  Read more about lead-in-Pyrex here.

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