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Sur La Table Porcelain Custard Cup Ramekin

#LeadSafe: Sur La Table White Ramekin / Custard Cup

This Sur La Table White Ramekin (Custard Cup) from their “Every Day Porcelain” line tested negative for lead in the white glazed surface and positive for trace levels of lead (at just 36 ppm) on the unglazed bottom exterior surface. This was purchased new in late 2015/early 2016 and tested in 2016. Testing was done […]

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#LeadFree (but #Cadmium): Silicone Baking Cups

Silicone Muffin Cups: Lead Free! Tested in 2017. Thank you to Sally Taber for donating and supporting my advocacy work! I am not recommending you buy this product, but here’s the link so you can read the specs on Amazon*. Cadmium levels were as follows: Pink: 227 ppm Orange: 227 ppm Yellow: 166 ppm Green: […]

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IF I were going to cook a turkey….

Hi! I have gotten this question enough that it seems like a good time to finally answer it on my blog! We keep a vegan/ vegetarian home here a the Rubin HQ, so I won’t be personally cooking a turkey any time soon (I made a promise to my husband when we got married more […]

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My Personal KitchenAid Mixer

KitchenAide Mixer Blade & Dough Hook: Between 600 – 800 ppm lead!!! This is MY KitchenAid – from my wedding to my ex-husband in 1994. I had tested the blue part before and it was negative and before testing the blades from my friends’ mixers it NEVER occurred to ME to test my own blades (doh!) – […]

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Baking Lead-Free This Holiday Season!

Close friends of mine know I have always been very passionate about baking.  One of my very first business endeavors after graduating college was baking my famous biscotti (Auntie Tammy’s Biscotti) and selling it at local cafes in Marin County. Fast forward 27 years and now many of my followers want to know what I […]

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