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July 1, 2018 Letter to Pura Kiki from Erika

Erika’s Letter To Pura

This is Erika’s letter to Pura (to which they responded, here). Erika has agreed to let me share this (and their response to her) with you! Thanks Erika, for standing up for kids everywhere whose parents have been led to believe they have purchased a safe (and lead-free) product. Tamara Rubin #LeadSafeMama _______________________

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Pura note to Erika regarding lead in baby bottles Tamara Rubin Lead Safe Mama

July 5, 2018 Note From Pura Stating They Are Still Selling Old Baby Bottle Inventory With Lead.

Below is an e-mail from Pura to a customer (Erika) on July 5th, in response to her inquiry about lead found in their insulated stainless steel baby bottles in 2018. Their e-mail clearly states (in sort of a round-about-way) that Pura is still selling old inventory which they know has neurotoxic lead in one of […]

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Pura Kiki Baby Bottles Have Lead

Today I confirmed that Pura knows they are selling old baby bottle stock with lead.

Posts with more details here! This pertains to Pura Kiki brand Made Safe Certified insulated stainless steel baby bottles being sold in 2018. The manufacturer admitted (as recently as this week, in a communication to a customer) to knowing that their old-stock product inventory is still available to purchase (likely both online and at brick […]

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Pura Email

January 2018 E-Mail From Pura, Re: Their Insulated Stainless Baby Bottles

In January of 2018 one of my followers emailed Pura regarding the concern for lead (Pb) in their stainless baby bottles. Below is the response she received – dated January 17, 2018 (which she forwarded to me.) Here are my points of concern based on what is said in this email: The letter admits they […]

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Made Safe Certified Pura Kiki Baby Bottle

#Leaded: Made Safe Certified Pura Kiki Baby Bottle Purchased New In January of 2018 (Video)

Below is an 8-minute video we made this week of our testing of a new-in-the-box, purchased in 2018, “Made Safe Certified” Pura Kiki stainless steel insulated baby bottle for lead (Pb). Both the Made Safe certification and Pura Kiki’s marketing materials imply – or outright state – that this product does not contain any lead/has […]

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Gold Shoes 1

#Leaded: Gold Painted Leather Baby Shoes

When the owner of these shoes came to a testing event, she had a few of her dishes and other household items tested.  Then one of the other mothers there suggested her baby’s shoes be tested (as she was already on her way out the door!) These golden moccasins were positive for lead at 1,674 […]

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#Arsenic: Vintage Popeye & Olive Oyl Baby Rattle

When I tested this vintage plastic Popeye and Olive Oyl rattle I was CERTAIN it would be positive for high levels of lead, but I was wrong! No lead at all, not a trace in any component. Unfortunately it does not have a year of manufacture or maker’s mark on it, but based on other […]

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