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Vintage Yellow Plastic Tupperware Measuring Cups Lead Safe Mama 3

Stop using your vintage Tupperware NOW. These measuring cups are positive for 2,103 ppm Lead + 250 ppm Arsenic.

To share this post on Facebook, click here (also please read the comment threads here and on Facebook, they are very entertaining!) Introduction: Tamara Rubin is a independent advocate for consumer goods safety and she is also a mother of Lead-poisoned children. She began testing consumer goods for toxicants in 2009 and was the parent-advocate […]

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Small Corelle Plate With Red Floral Border Lead Safe Mama 1

Small Corelle Plate With Red Floral Border: 2,788 ppm Cadmium + Arsenic

Small Corelle Plate With Red Floral Border. Date of manufacture, c. 2012. To see more Corelle pieces I have tested, Click HERE. Tests were done for at least 60 seconds each. Red Decorative Elements: Lead (Pb): Non-Detect / Negative Cadmium (Cd): 2,788 +/- 64 ppm Mercury (Hg): Non-Detect / Negative Arsenic (As): 48 +/- 18 ppm […]

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Monkey Feet Brown Leather Toddler Shoes Tamara Rubin Lead Safe Mama 1

#XRFTesting: Monkey Feet Brown Leather Buckle Shoes

#XRFTesting: Monkey Feet Brown Leather Buckle Shoes Exterior Brown Leather, Top of Shoe: Barium (Ba): 742 +/- 140 ppm Chromium (Cr): 1,604 +/- 113 ppm Zinc (Zn): 43 +/- 16 ppm Iron (Fe): 11,200 +/- 200 ppm Vanadium (V): 1,592 +/- 240 ppm Titanium (Ti): 2,987 +/- 369 ppm Brown Rubber/Plastic Sole, Bottom of Shoe: […]

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Russian Khokhloma Wooden Decorated Spoon 1985 1

#Leaded: Russian Khokhloma Wooden Decorated Spoon, 1985

Testing with an XRF instrument revealed this decorative Khokhloma wooden spoon from Russia to have the following ingredients (in the painted markings): Lead (Pb): 1,994 +/- 67 ppm Mercury (Hg): 7,624 +/- 148 ppm Arsenic (As): 70 +/- 36 ppm Barium (Ba): 607 +/- 107 ppm Chromium (Cr): 489 +/- 73 ppm Bromine (Br): 327 […]

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#Arsenic: Vintage Popeye & Olive Oyl Baby Rattle

When I tested this vintage plastic Popeye and Olive Oyl rattle I was CERTAIN it would be positive for high levels of lead, but I was wrong! No lead at all, not a trace in any component. Unfortunately it does not have a year of manufacture or maker’s mark on it, but based on other […]

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2012 Dollar Tree Red Ball Ornaments: 29 ppm Cadmium + 66 ppm Arsenic (but no Lead!)

Red plastic ball-style Christmas ornament, purchased at the Dollar Tree store, c.2012. Cadmium (Cd): 29 +/- 17 ppm Arsenic (As): 66 +/- 14 ppm Lead (Pb): Non-Detect / Negative Mercury (Hg): Non-Detect / Negative All components and finishes tested with an XRF instrument. Here’s a lead-free Christmas decoration option on Amazon.* For #SaferChoices for your family, click […]

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2003 Blue Glass Ball Christmas Ornament: 748 ppm Lead + Arsenic Too

#LeadedChristmas – Glass blue ball Christmas ornament. Dated: December 20, 2003. (This was a wedding favor at a Christmas wedding that my friend went to.) When tested with an XRF instrument this ornament had the following readings: Lead (Pb): 748 +/- 54 ppm Arsenic (As): 158 +/- 40 ppm  Cadmium (Cd): Negative / Non-Detect Mercury […]

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#LeadFreeChristmas: Silver & Blue Wire Ribbon, #Arsenic

#Christmas2017 Silver + Blue Snowflake Wire-Rimmed Ribbon Garland. ND for Pb, Hg, & Cd. As = 15 +/ – 8 ppm. Here’s a lead-free Christmas decoration option on Amazon.* Thanks to Amber S. for donating and supporting my advocacy! Each donation helps make a new post possible! For #SaferChoices for your family, click here. If […]

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Red & Yellow Brio Train, Made in Sweden: 1,862 ppm Lead & 575 ppm Arsenic

Brio train, “Made in Sweden” age unknown. Tested with an XRF in 2015. Lead (Pb): 1,862 ppm Arsenic (As): 575 ppm To learn more about XRF testing, Click HERE. The amount of Lead that is considered unsafe in a newly manufactured item intended for children in 90 ppm Lead (or higher) in the paint or […]

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