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1 cup Anchor Measuring Cup with Lead Paint NH 3

Anchor Glass One-Cup Measuring Cup: 32,500 ppm Lead (in exterior markings).

Anchor Glass One-Cup Measuring Cup, c. 2006 When tested with an XRF instrument the red painted markings on the exterior of this glass Anchor Hocking brand one-cup measuring cup (purchased new around 2006) had the following readings: Lead (Pb): 32,500 ppm Cadmium (Cd): Non-Detect/ND [Negative] To see more Anchor-brand products that I have tested, Click Here. […]

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Cornflower Pattern Vintage Milk Glass Casserole, Anchor Hocking 1

#Leaded: Cornflower Pattern Vintage Milk Glass Casserole, Anchor Hocking

This Anchor Hocking milk glass casserole was positive for lead when tested with an XRF instrument. The blue flowers were 18,600 +/- 400 ppm lead (Pb) and 137 +/- 13 ppm cadmium (Cd). The flowers were non-detect for mercury (Hg) and arsenic (As.) The milk glass on this piece was negative for lead, mercury, cadmium […]

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Vintage Green Pyrex Spring Blossom Mixing Bowl close up Tamara Rubin Lead Safe Mama

Testing Vintage Glassware (Pyrex, Libbey, Anchor Hocking) With A LeadCheck Swab (Video)

Spring Blossom Green Posts Anchor Hocking Cornflower Casserole Post Chip In Link My affiliate link* for LeadCheck swabs: If you purchase something on Amazon after clicking one of my affiliate links I receive a small percentage of what you spend at no extra cost to you. Thank you for supporting my advocacy work in this […]

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#AskTamara: Are there any modern clear glass dishes that are also lead-free?

#AskTamara Question: Tamara are there any modern clear glass dishes that are also lead-free? A: Yes!  While vintage glassware is often positive for lead, and even some new clear glass products can test positive for trace* amounts of lead, there are several brands of clear glass dishware that I have tested that have been consistently […]

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#Leaded: Vintage Anchor Plate

Vintage Anchor Hocking Plate: 44,700 ppm lead. Thanks to Jodi Benham for donating and supporting this post! Read more about testing dishes here. To see the #LeadFree dishes I use in my home, click here. For more #SaferChoices for your family, click here. To make a contribution in support of my independent consumer goods testing and lead […]

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Screen Shot 2017-06-13 at 3.56.35 PM

#GuerrillaXRFTesting @ Walmart!, Clear Glasses (video)

More #GuerrillaXRFTesting videos featuring Tamara and Carissa! Please watch and share and let us know if you have any questions! For more lead-free kitchen choices, click here! To support our work so we can make more of these videos, please consider donating to my GoFundMe! Thank you! Clear Drinking Glasses from Tamara Rubin on Vimeo.

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M-I-C-K-E-Y… Mickey Mouse Anchor Hocking Disney Mug: 75,300 ppm Lead + 15,400 ppm Arsenic (90 ppm Pb is unsafe 4 kids!)

Anchor Brand Made in USA Vintage (1980?) Mickey Mouse Club milk glass mug As high as 75,300 ppm lead and 15,400 arsenic in the painted design The milk glass is “non-detect” for lead and tested positive for arsenic at 8 ppm #XRFTesting This is one of several posts where I will share very little information […]

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Baking Lead-Free This Holiday Season!

Close friends of mine know I have always been very passionate about baking.  One of my very first business endeavors after graduating college was baking my famous biscotti (Auntie Tammy’s Biscotti) and selling it at local cafes in Marin County. Fast forward 27 years and now many of my followers want to know what I […]

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