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2011 Wizard Of Oz Commemorative Mug Set England 1

XRF Test Results For Cardew Design Made in China (Designed In England) Wizard of Oz Commemorative Mug Set

Below are the XRF readings for this commemorative Wizard of Oz mug set. This set is from Cardew Design North America Inc and was made in 2011 (after the CPSC regulation limiting the amount of lead in items made for use by and marketed to children!) While the company might argue that this is not […]

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Starbucks Coffee Insulated Mug Stainless And Ceramic

#Leaded: 2011 White Ceramic Lined Stainless Steel Starbucks Coffee Travel Mug

Starbucks 2011 Ceramic Lined Travel Mug- (broke in shipping). Inside of mug / ceramic liner / the part that touches the coffee: 63,549 ppm lead (ummmm huh!?).   If you have an interest in learning more about these posts (likely because you are new to my site!) please check out this post and this post for a start!  Thanks […]

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