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1982 Tupperware Catalog Lead Safe Mama Page 001 Front Cover

1982 Tupperware Catalog (a gift from one of my readers to help us date some of the pieces we have tested for Lead.)

I am so thankful to one of my readers (thank you Gail!) who found the 1982 Tupperware catalog and photographed each and every page and e-mailed them to me! Here they are to serve as a reference to help us date some of the vintage Tupperware pieces that I (together with the help of my […]

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McDonalds Camp Snoopy Collection Charlie Brown Glass Lead Safe Mama 1

McDonald’s (c. 1980s?) Camp Snoopy Collection Glass: 85,100 ppm Lead + 1,827 ppm Cadmium + 99 ppm MERCURY!

To see more McDonald’s branded items I have tested, click here. When tested with an XRF instrument this Camp Snoopy collectable drinking glass  (promotional giveaway from McDonald’s c. 1980s) had the following readings: Lead (Pb): 85,100 +/- 1,800 ppm Cadmium (Cd): 1,827 +/- 74 ppm Mercury (Hg): 99 +/- 39 ppm Chromium (Cr): 3,061 +/- […]

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Vintage (1972-1988) Corning Ware Spice-o-Life Casserole: 26,500 ppm Lead… TEXTBOOK RESPONSE FROM CORNINGWARE TODAY

In response to my original post referenced in the title above [Link HERE] today, Corningware shared the following response (when Sabrina – a friend of a friend on Facebook – shared the post and tagged them): “We appreciate you [sic] concern for our products, Sabrina! We can assure you that older Corningware items would have met […]

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Spice-O-Life Corningware Casserole Lead Safe Mama 2

Vintage (1972-1988) Corning Ware Spice-o-Life Casserole: 26,500 ppm Lead + 236 ppm Cadmium

Since this post is going viral (December 2018), I thought I would update it with a little introduction for those who are new to my website. I am a mother of Lead poisoned children. My children were poisoned in 2005 by the work of a painting contractor, you can see more about my story in […]

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Vintage Old Town Blue Corelle Saucer Lead Safe Mama 1

“Old Town Blue” Pattern Vintage Corelle Small Plate, c.1972 – 1982: 18,200 ppm Lead

  Vintage Corelle glass saucer in the “Old Town Blue” pattern. The dark blue paint on this dish tested positive for the following elements at the following levels (with a one-minute test, using an XRF instrument): Lead (Pb): 18,200 +/- 400 ppm Cadmium (Cd): 133 +/- 13 ppm Arsenic (As): Non-Detect / Negative Mercury (Hg): […]

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Old Town Blue Vintage Pyrex 1972 Cup Tamara Rubin Lead Safe Mama

“Old Town Blue” Pattern Vintage Pyrex Tea Cup, c.1972 – 1982: 17,700 ppm Lead

Vintage Pyrex mugs/ tea cups in the “Old Town Blue” pattern: The dark blue paint on these mugs tested positive for the following elements at the following levels (with a one-minute test, using an XRF instrument):   Lead (Pb): 17,700 +/- 500 ppm Cadmium (Cd): 154 +/- 12 ppm Arsenic (As): ND Mercury (Hg): ND […]

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Finlandia 1982 a

#Leaded: 1982 Finlandia Fine Staffordshire Ware

Myott Finlandia 1982 Fine Staffordshire Ware, Made in England. Tested with an XRF instrument. Positive for lead at 35,500 +/- 1,100 ppm lead.  For context: the amount of lead that is considered toxic in an item intended for children is anything 90 ppm or higher. Vintage dishware is not regulated for total lead content as […]

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Vintage (1972-1988) Corning Ware Spice-o-Life Casserole: 21,800 ppm Lead

This vintage Corningware Spice-o-Life casserole dish tested positive for lead when tested with an XRF instrument at 21,800 ppm Lead in the decoration on the outside of the dish.   On the plain white inside it was negative for Lead, Mercury, Cadmium and Arsenic. Tested in 2014. Here’s a link to a post on a […]

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#Leaded: 1982 Myott Finlandia Plate

1982 “Myott Finlandia” large plate: 67,026 ppm lead. Thanks to Schafer Smith, LLC for donating and supporting this post! Read more about testing dishes here. To see the #LeadFree dishes I use in my home, click here. For more #SaferChoices for your family, click here. To make a contribution in support of my independent consumer goods […]

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