With the incredible growth & expanded reach of my website, I’m looking for a business loan or “angel investor.”

271,828 views already in March alone (by 4:36 p.m. today) — and we’re not even half-way through the month! Imagine how much more productive and impactful my work would be if I could afford resources like AN OFFICE and CHILDCARE! 😉

Do you know someone who (or some program that) might be a good candidate to help me find funds to build and expand my business? So I can focus on improving and refining the resources I have created for families (including improving and rebuilding this website!), and expanding the impact of this work? A program or individual who might be interested in supporting a young business run by women for women (a business with a primary emphasis of empowering young mothers to protect their children from environmental toxicity) with a focus of environmental activism would be a good fit!

Obviously, things for Lead Safe Mama, LLC are trucking along pretty well as it is (looking at the graph above you can see that the past six months the growth of the reach and impact of this work has been phenomenal)… but a financial infusion would help keep things going while giving me the resources to invest in longer term strategies for expanding the reach and impact of this work.

I mentioned on Facebook yesterday that if EVERY DAY was like March 11th (with more than 100,000 unique views of posts on my blog) my business would be fully self-funded and in a position to easily grow and expand in new ways (creating new ways of sharing this important information) that will benefit families everywhere and educate generations. 

On that single day I earned $920.40 in advertising income thanks those 106,000+ views on my blog.

If I earned $920.40 EVERY day for a year (a pipe-dream without support and funding, but a real tangible possibility WITH support and funding) that would be $335,946.00 annually in gross advertising income alone (or $27,995.50 a month!)  – more than enough to sustain the growth of my business (AND make it possible for me to take care of my family! – and probably employ a few people too!)

However, due to my ongoing legal battle of the past three years, while my gross business income in 2018 (including ALL contributions from all sources) was $59,559.51 (a phenomenal accomplishment in itself in light of the circumstances – and I am so thankful for all of the support that created that), my business net was about <$12,000> on a cash basis (and about <$37,000> if you look at it from an accrual basis perspective.) 

It is because of the losses as a result of the legal expense required to prove my innocence in these matters (in legal battles where the “other side” has unlimited funding and apparently carte blanche to continue attacking me on whatever basis they feel like, regardless of whether or not their assertions are in any way true) that I am still in this position – even with my stats skyrocketing and my work reaching more people (and in more countries around the world) than any other lead poisoning prevention initiatives in the country (public, private, government agency or nonprofit).

Can you help me?

Do you know of an agency or business or angel investor that might want to take a chance investing in the work of an embattled environmental activist who is truly making a difference?

At this point I am looking for a business loan of $100,000 (more would always be better), with a low interest rate and fair repayment terms. Frankly – looking at my stats and the impact of my work I think the work merits at least that, but I don’t know where to start to look for it (especially given my credit has been trashed as a result of this three-year-long protracted legal battle!)

I would even consider getting someone involved as an investor in the business (and I have a few ideas for that as well) but frankly I don’t know how that would be structured or what that might look like (as I don’t have any experience with bringing in investors for a business), so I would need advice and guidance about that before something along those lines could happen.

Thank you in advance for any ideas you might have that could help me continue to grow (even in the face of adversity, with my legal battles not yet resolved and our life still quite precarious.)

I told my husband the other day that our life right now reminds me of the story depicted in the film “The Pursuit of Happyness”  – with me driving and flying all over the country “selling” (my time with) a machine (in this case an XRF instrument, which is ironically similar to the instrument Will Smith’s character was selling in the film), while my family is almost out of toilet paper with two rolls left and no money to buy more (and no money for groceries, and a shut off notice for the electric bill and the internet!) We have to laugh, because it’s too tragic not to, yet we know we’re on the verge of amazing things!

Thank you for reading and for sharing my posts. More consumer goods test results to come tonight since Facebook is apparently down for the day (and I can’t post or comment there at all for some reason!)

Tamara Rubin

AGAIN: 271,828 views already in March alone — and we’re not even half-way through the month! Imagine how much more productive and impactful my work would be if I could afford resources like AN OFFICE and CHILDCARE! 😉 [& toilet paper & groceries!]


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