#LeadSafeMama Broke THREE Records Today! Thank you for sharing this work.

Thank you so much for being here.

I really consider you (my readers) part of a giant team in helping to raise awareness and (in doing so) change the world!

Today you helped LeadSafeMama.com break THREE records!

  1. We passed 400,000 views in a single MONTH – this is amazing! And it’s still only March 17th!
  2. Today we also passed 406,000 views (right now we’re at 414,276!) which means this month has seen more than TWICE as many views as the previous top month ever, which was December 2018 with 202,720 unique views!
  3. We also passed 2,100,000 unique all-time views 🙂 & will be closing out the day at more than 2,120,000 all-time views!

Thank you again. 

Tamara Rubin

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