#LeadSafeMama Stats: 540,158+ views, by 216,948 people, in 161 countries in three months!

In pulling together information for my newsletter, I review my numbers (hence all the stats and financial update posts today).

While the financial stuff is interesting… THIS is what is most exciting to me (always): 

  • 540,158+ views
  • by 216,948 people
  • in 161 countries
  • in three months!

I mean, “who knew?”!

Who knew that I could be sitting in my bed all day in Portland, Oregon (today is a cold winter day, kids are off of school for the holiday, I’m not feeling very well and am working in bed), writing stuff on a computer that is sitting on my lap and that this stuff which I write (and my patient husband edits!) would be read by tens of thousands of people, in more than 120 countries each month?!

I love this!

I also love that we have this information available to us via Google Analytics and other stats tracking programs…(I mean, — Yemen, for heaven’s sake?!) Today I looked up the lists for each month and when I saw that a person in Yemen has read my posts recently all I can think is, “with all that is going on there right now?!…that’s just so utterly incredible!”

Scroll down to see a full list of all of the countries where my readers live!

Thank you all so much for reading and sharing my posts — all around the world!

As always, please let me know if you have any questions. I am so happy that this work is reaching so many and making a difference everywhere (even though sometimes – like at the end of a particularly long day, with my kids screaming in the background and trying to kill each other, as I open yet another threatening e-mail from an industry lawyer, or read the latest nasty comment online by some ignorant, snarky “cynic-du-jour”, it can feel like I am working alone in an echo chamber!)

Tamara Rubin

(+) 540,148 views is the stats as added up by the stat-tracker here on my website. Google Analytics says that for Nov, Dec, January the total is actually 546,825 views!

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