As of yesterday we’ve owned our home for 12 years. Thank you (again!) to everyone who helped make that happen.

Thank you again to everyone who has supported my work in recent years and a special thank you to everyone who has helped keep a roof over our heads during this very difficult time for my family.

Living in the same house for 12 years, especially through the chaos of the last three years, has been a major stabilizing force for my kiddos (and for all of us really.)

I truly cannot thank you all enough.

Tamara Rubin

The image below is a survey we got a few years ago. We dream of some day tearing the old (leaded!) house down and building three tiny super-efficient, healthy, off-grid, paint free micro-houses here so we can age in place with our kiddos (for as long as they need our support.) We also hope to integrate a performance stage into the “compound” so the kids will always have a place to make music!

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