The reason I do everything I do…my four sons.

The reason I do everything I four sons.

December 26, 2018

This is a picture of my four sons tonight. Left to right: Avi (13), A.J. (16), Colescott (22) and Charlie (10).

A.J. (my 16 year-old – with the bow-tie) performed tonight with the Portland Youth Philharmonic’s Wind Ensemble (P.Y.W.E.) at Portland’s “Symphony Hall” – known as “The Schnitz”.

I’m so proud of these four boys and everything they have overcome and everything they have accomplished so far – they are each truly brilliant in their own unique way and I am so lucky for that (in spite of all of the challenges).

Tamara Rubin

The reason I do everything I four sons.

9 years ago too:

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