The Lead-free “Travel Chanukiah” my husband and sons made for me.

Did you know that most Chanukah menorah’s have high levels of Lead? [Link]

The picture here is of the Lead-free Chanukah* “Travel Chanukiah*” (Chanukah menorah) that my husband and sons made for me when we were shooting my film.

Since we left to start shooting early in December (of 2011) we were on the road for Chanukah (with the whole family). First my two middle sons came out to be with me for some of the filming that involved them, then my husband came with my youngest and finally my oldest son joined us (after he finished his holiday performances for the year) to work as an intern on the film for a semester.

As a wonderful surprise, my husband (and sons) made this Aluminum chanukiah for me to take with me on the trip while working on the the film!

I love it – probably more than any of the other things that they have ever made for me. Why?

  1. It’s Lead-free.
  2. It’s portable.
  3. It’s elegant, simple and beautiful (with and without candles).
  4. It’s functional.

Last year some of my friends saw my menorah* and liked it just as much as I do. They suggested that we offer them for sale — as a fundraiser in support of my advocacy (specifically to help with my legal defense fund.) I didn’t get a post up in time for Chanukah last year, but decided I would post about it this year!

* Given these words are all transliterated from ancient Hebrew, there are numerous terms and spellings, that can be confusing — even for many Jews; here are a couple of attempts to, er, shed light on all this linguistic mishegas!:

If you would like to support my advocacy by purchasing a handmade Aluminum Chanukah menorah (just like this one, but with some anticipated variation because they are handmade!) you can order one by November 20, 2018 and we will send it to you in time for the first night of Chanukah (December 2, 2018). Links below are to pay via PayPal and the cost includes shipping in the United States.

 Limited Edition (signed/numbered!)
#LeadSafeMama Lead-Free “Travel Chanukiah”
handmade from a solid block of 6061-T6 Aluminum: $85.00: LINK

 Limited Edition (signed/numbered!)
#LeadSafeMama Lead-Free “Travel Chanukiah”
handmade from a solid block of 6Al4V Titanium: $195.00: LINK

Thank you for considering supporting my advocacy work in this way.

If a hand-made menorah (made just for you by my boys) is out of your price range, or if you prefer another design of lead-free menorah, here’s a few quick Amazon affiliate links to other Lead-free / Lead-safe menorah choices!

  • This one is $29.99 and made of aluminum: LINK
  • Here’s another modern design in aluminum for $26.48: LINK
  • Here’s a stainless steel one for $59.95: LINK
  • Here’s one more fun aluminum one for $29.99: LINK

To see other menorahs that I have tested, Click Here.

As always, thank you for reading and for sharing my posts.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Tamara Rubin

*Amazon links are affiliate links and if you purchase something after clicking on one of my links I may receive a small percentage of what you spend at no extra cost to you! Thank you for supporting my advocacy work in this way.

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