Vintage Blue Pyrex Glass Mugs: 71,800 ppm Lead + 697 ppm Arsenic [90 ppm Lead is unsafe for kids.]

Vintage Blue Pyrex Glass Mugs: 71,800 ppm Lead
Vintage Pyrex Mugs: The blue paint on these mugs tested positive for the following elements at the following levels (with a one-minute test, using an XRF instrument):
  • Lead (Pb): 71,800 +/- 2,200 ppm
  • Cadmium (Cd): 697 +/- 43 ppm
  • Arsenic (As): ND
  • Mercury (Hg): ND
  • Platinum (Pt): 1,333 +/- 207 ppm
  • Gold (Au): 709 +/- 146 ppm
The amount of lead that is considered toxic to children in a newly manufactured item intended specifically for use by children is anything 90 ppm and higher (in the paint or coating.)
Vintage dishware is not regulated at all for “total lead content as detectable with an XRF” and neither is modern dishware regulated for total lead content measured in this way (yet.)
Isn’t it interesting that these mugs are also positive for gold and platinum!
NOTE: When well used, these vintage Pyrex pieces will also usually test positive with a reactive agent test (like a LeadCheck swab: affiliate link*).
Take away: if you can AVOID having vintage Pyrex (or any vintage mugs or glasses) in your home, I would highly recommend that.
Here is a link to a post on my site with lead-free modern mugs:
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Vintage Blue Pyrex Glass Mugs: 71,800 ppm Lead
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