Another family story shared in response to this week’s article on Mayim Bialik’s Grok Nation.

Mama Kim B. shared the following today in post (with a link to the Grok Nation article):

DID YOU KNOW: This week is Lead Poisoning Awareness Week! If you have, work with, or are planning to have children, please take a moment to read this important information!

Before Simon was born, I spend HOURS researching the safest bottles, car seats, bedding, diaper creams, food storage containers, etc- if it was going in, on, or near my baby, I wanted to know that it was 100% safe! I became an “expert” on phalates and BPA and arsenic and formaldehyde and pesticides and flame retardants. You want to know what I didn’t research? LEAD SAFETY. I didn’t know I had to…

When Simon was 20 months old, I would bring him to work with me. One day, the family I worked for sat me down and told me that their daughter (who Simon played with every day, in the same rooms and with the same toys) tested positive for elevated lead levels, and that I needed to get Simon tested ASAP. Talk about terrifying. The wait for his lab results was excrutiating. Just as we expected, his levels also came back elevated. The nurse said “Don’t worry, his levels aren’t THAT high. I’ve seen MUCH worse”, as if that was supposed to be comforting.


After we received the results, I immediately reached out to Tamara Rubin, lead activist and Mama to lead poisoned children. Her advice and guidance was so helpful, and her website [] is a wealth of knowledge! Please take a look, and please share widely! Not enough people are aware of this dangerous and potentially life-changing issue!!

Click Here to read the article on GrokNation

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