September 2018 Boy Scout Neckerchief Slide Recall, Leaded Enamel

The Q & A from the Boy Scouts’ site is below the image with the details of the recall.

Fyi, it is not uncommon for enamelware items to have unsafe levels of lead. Click here to see more examples of enamelware items that are positive for lead.

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September 2018 Boy Scout Neckerchief Recall, Leaded Enamel



Q1: How can I tell if my neckerchief slide is affected by the recall?
A1: This recall involves the following PO numbers of Lion, Wolf, Bear, and Webelos neckerchief slides sold between February 2018 and August 2018. The PO numbers are listed on a tag attached to the back of the slide. No other PO or Lot numbers are involved in this recall.


Q2: Are any Tiger neckerchief slides or other styles/models involved in this recall
A2:  No. The only styles or models of neckerchief slides involved in this recall are Lion, Wolf, Bear, and Webelos.

Q3:  What is the problem with the neckerchief slides?
A3: The paint on the surface of the colored portion of some neckerchief slides may contain levels of lead above limits set by the federal government. The paint, which has a baked enamel coating, may pose a lead exposure risk, though we believe the risk is low. We believe that only certain batches of neckerchief slides, identified by the P.O. numbers below, are affected.

Affected Batches:

Q4: How do I participate in the recall?
A4: Customers should stop using the recalled product. Customers may return the product to any ScoutShop or directly to the BSA’s National Distribution Center in Charlotte, N.C. Instructions for returns can be found at

Q5: I no longer have a receipt for my neckerchief slide. Can I still return it?
A5: Yes. You can still return neckerchief slide for a replacement.

Q6: The PO tag is no longer attached to my neckerchief slide. Can I still return it? Q6: Yes. You can still return the neckerchief slide for a replacement.

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