One year and 572,514 page views later…

Today, in the midst of poverty and extreme financial hardship for my family it is interesting to have something quite remarkable to celebrate.  Thanks to Facebook’s “memories” function, earlier today I was reminded that one year ago we were in the midst of a very different situation… my site going viral for a bunch of reasons (Jelly Shoes, Fidget Spinners, and vintage Benjamin Bunny baby china!), and I took and shared this screenshot (below) at the time.

Just six months into actively blogging again under my own name, my site was up to 285,526 unique views, with my “Best Ever” day being 8,656 views at the time. Fast forward exactly one year later… (scroll down)

Fast forward to the same day a year later (image below) and my site has already had 858,040 unique views (572,514 more since last year) and that’s not even the actual total as there was a dip in my stats when the plugin stopped working for almost a month due to Chinese hackers, so if I had captured all of the numbers it would be much higher!

An average of just about 50,000 unique views a month for the past year! Wow!

Now I just need to somehow convert this into a sustainable reliable income to help pay the bills for my family!  Suggestions area always welcome, as long as they don’t include “I think you should get a job!” Obviously I have a job, no? How many hits has your blog had in the past year? Maybe we could collaborate!

Tamara Rubin

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