#Leaded: Pre-2015 Oxo Ice Cream Scoop With Rubber Handle

This OXO brand ice cream scoop tested positive for lead at 1,481 parts per million (in the metal part of the scoop – the part that touches your food.)

I tested this in September of 2014, so while I don’t know the exact year of manufacture it was before this date. This grayish metal is consistent with other kitchen products (like the bare/uncoated KitchenAid stand mixer blades) that have come in positive for higher levels of lead (higher than what I would want to see in the component of a kitchen product that actually touches food on a regular basis.)

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For context, there is no standard for XRF detectable lead in kitchenware products. The only XRF standard available is the standard for lead in toys and newer items made to be used by children. These items are required to test below 90 parts per million (ppm) lead (Pb) in the coating or below 100 ppm lead in the substrate.

For safer choices for ice cream scoops, please click this link.

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Tamara Rubin

Pre-2015 Oxo Ice Cream Scoop With Rubber Handle

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