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2015 Oxo Ice Cream Scoop Tamara Rubin Lead Safe Mama

Pre-2015 Oxo Ice Cream Scoop With Rubber Handle: 1,481 ppm Lead in the metal scoop.

This OXO brand ice cream scoop tested positive for lead at 1,481 parts per million (in the bare metal part of the scoop – the part that touches your food.) I tested this in September of 2014, so while I don’t know the exact year of manufacture it was before this date. This grayish metal […]

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#LeadFree: New (2014) Duralex Gigogne Ice Cream Cups

These Duralex Gigogne colored glass ice cream cups (Made in France!) were shipped to me new in 2014 (sent to me for testing directly by the manufacturer).  Each color tested negative for lead, mercury, and arsenic when tested with an XRF instrument. Here is my Amazon affiliate link* to these exact dishes! As always, please […]

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#SaferChoices: Ice Cream Scoops

Today I am posting images of the various ice cream scoops I have tested with an XRF instrument that have tested positive for lead. If you have questions about XRF testing, please click here. In the many years that I have been testing consumer goods I have consistently found at least trace lead in most […]

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