#Leaded: Glass Pokeman Marble, c. 2013

Pokeman Marble. Tested with an XRF instrument in 2013.
Apprx 36,000 ppm lead (on the “painted” design).

The amount of lead considered toxic (and therefore illegal) in a newly manufactured item intended for children (after 2010) is anything with paint or coating testing positive for lead at 90 ppm or higher. I don’t know what year this marble was made, and even if it was made after 2010 they might have cited a loophole in calling it “legal” by saying it was intended for use for “children over 14” or “children over 16” or “not intended as a toy.” You might see this language on a lot of potentially leaded products.

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Tamara Rubin

Glass Pokeman Marble, c. 2013 Tamara Rubin Lead Safe Mama

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