We just joined Imperfect Produce and it is Fantabulous!

We joined Imperfect Produce about a week ago and got our first box a few days ago!  It’s spectacular to have fresh organic (and mostly local) produce delivered directly to your door! What an incredible gift.

We are also low-income and so we qualified for a scholarship. Our first box cost just $21.95 including delivery! [Way less than we would have spent for the same amount of organic produce at the grocery store! Frankly we would have spent that much on the four bunches of organic vine tomatoes alone!]

The best part was that the night we got the box delivery (this past Thursday) we had recently run out of $ earlier that day (we’re pretty hand-to-mouth given all we have been through and all we are still going through with the assaults on my advocacy work) and therefore were down to the staples of “just beans and rice and oatmeal” left in the house, so when this box of produce arrived it literally “saved the day” — making it possible for us to feed our kids a bunch of fresh produce for dinner that they would not have gotten otherwise! [They were SO EXCITED about the giant organic artichokes; they were polished off first!]

This is a picture of just some of what was in our first box! [Next time I will unload the box and take a pic of everything on the table because you can’t see everything here!]

We ordered:

  • 6 organic apples,
  • 2 pounds of organic pears,
  • 3 bunches of organic vine tomatoes (but I think we got 4!),
  • 3 (giant) organic artichokes,
  • 1 pound of organic carrots,
  • 4 heads of organic broccoli,
  • 2 pounds of organic onions,
  • 2 organic red bell peppers (but I think we got 4!),
  • and 1 lb of organic shiitake mushrooms …

…everything we love and most important… everything we KNOW the kids will eat!

Tonight we are getting ready to customize our second box (for delivery later this week) and since we only have a few pears and onions and mushrooms left from the last delivery – we know exactly what to order this week! It’s double-the-fun because the kids get to log in with me and help me choose what will be delivered!

Note: Everything was ready to eat when it arrived except the tomatoes and pears, which just needed a couple of days wrapped in a paper bag in the cabinet for them to be completely ripe and yummy and ready-to-munch!

And then there’s this: if you haven’t yet subscribed to imperfect produce and you do subscribe using MY referral link, we’ll both get a $10 credit towards our next box!

Here’s my link  Thanks for considering subscribing to Imperfect Produce using this link… your help in this way will go a long way towards our efforts to feed our family – with three growing boys still at home they eat a ton! – and will also help you feed yours!

Your Friend,

Tamara Rubin

Note: I was not paid to write this post! I am just incredibly enthusiastic about finding out about this amazing resource and hope my friends and followers will sign up too! [And I’d love to collect as many referral credits as possible too – who doesn’t want free organic veggies!? – but it’s not about that as much as it is about wanting to make sure people know about this company!]


2 Responses to We just joined Imperfect Produce and it is Fantabulous!

  1. Kate Blodgett April 17, 2018 at 9:47 pm #

    sounds great!!! I wish we lived there…maybe someday!

    • Tamara April 18, 2018 at 3:33 pm #

      Yes please – I will buy you ALL THE VEGGIES if you move here Kate!

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