“Made in Poland” Yellow Enamelware Mug: 88 ppm Lead + 21,600 ppm Cadmium

"Made in Poland" Enamelware Mug; Yellow: 88 ppm Lead + 21,600 ppm Cadmium

Yellow Enamelware Mug, “Made In Poland.”
Positive for Lead at 88 ppm and for Cadmium at 21,600 ppm.

Tested with an XRF instrument.

While this mug is considered Lead-Safe* the amount of Cadmium present is at a level that is considered toxic in an item intended for children (and toxic by many standards otherwise as well!) Read more about #CadmiumConcerns <<< here.

Cadmium is a known carcinogen [LINK] and in my opinion has no place in our kitchens or on our dining tables (or at our campfires… as this mug may have been intended to be used for camping.)

The amount of lead that is considered toxic in a modern/newly manufactured item intended for children is anything 90 ppm lead or higher.

*Mugs are not considered items intended for use by children and, as such, are not regulated for total lead content as detectable when tested with an XRF instrument, however (outside of the concern for the presence of the high level of Cadmium) this mug would be considered “Lead-Safe” by all standards (including the standards for children’s items.)

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Tamara Rubin
#LeadSafeMama"Made in Poland" Enamelware Mug; Yellow: 88 ppm Lead + 21,600 ppm Cadmium

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