Speaking Engagements; 2018


I wanted to send out a little reminder that I am available for speaking engagements in 2018. While I can be available any time, I like to focus my speaking engagements on the eight weeks leading up to and including Lead Poisoning Prevention Month (October).

I have two helpers booking and coordinating these engagements for me: Bronwyn (Bronywn @ LeadSafeMama.com), and September (September @ LeadSafeMama.com). Please be in touch with them regarding my rates and availability if you are interested in hosting an event (or if your employer or a local agency in your area might be.)

I have done hundreds of presentations across the country over the past decade, including high-profile events, such as being a keynote speaker at several national and regional conferences, an opening presenter for Erin Brockovich, and a co-presenter at a nationally-televised “Town Hall” event in Flint, Michigan with then presidential candidate, Bernie Sanders.

I have collaborated with all types of partners for events I have organized and/or presented at, including events at the corporate headquarters of Nike (Oregon), Seventh Generation (Vermont), SC Johnson Wax (Wisconsin) and others; events at hospitals (American Family Children’s Hospital in Wisconsin, OHSU in Portland, Oregon and more) and at universities (New York University, MIT, University of Minnesota, Portland State, etc.); events with public agencies (EPA conferences in Seattle, Denver and Georgia); city, county and state health departments (New Hampshire, Wisconsin, Minnesota; Burlington, Vermont; St. Louis; San Francisco, etc.); and nonprofits of all types (including private high schools, childcare centers, birthing centers and more).

With these presentations – in partnership with my sponsors – I often coordinate free consumer goods toxicity testing (using an XRF that has a consumer goods mode); free blood lead testing for all attendees (regardless of age or gender); community forums/panel discussions with local experts and local mothers of lead poisoned children; academic guest lectures [with CEUs (Continuing Education Units)] for students in Medicine, Education and other professional specialties, and more. Everyone who has hosted one or more of my events has always expressed enthusiasm for the outcome (be it a small private event or large public community presentation).

So please do consider me for anything you might have coming up with your business or your community.  The thing I love best about my advocacy work is personally connecting with people all over the country.   My “dream goal” presentations right now would be to do in-house presentations with consumer goods testing for employees at large Internet companies, including Apple, Google, Yahoo, Facebook and others — as their employee base is exactly who needs to be reached with this message: parents of young children who are also homeowners in cities with an abundance of older housing stock who are often considering remodeling, and they (through their work) have the power (and access to resources) to bring a much bigger focus to the issue of childhood lead poisoning and its prevention (on a national and international scale.)

Thank you!

Tamara Rubin

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