#Cadmium: Voss Glass Water Bottle

Clear glass water bottle, Voss brand. The bottle and lid were negative for lead, mercury and arsenic – but the white writing on the outside was positive for trace (low levels) of cadmium, at 11 ppm. (+/- 6 ppm).

If you have scrolled through the posts on my blog at all you have seen that the writing on glass is often positive for either lead or cadmium when tested with an XRF instrument (regardless of the age of the item.) This cadmium is likely just in the white writing and does not touch the water contained in the bottle at all. That said, cadmium is a known carcinogen and the company could choose to use paint for their logo that is both lead and cadmium free and they should be encouraged to do so. Note: This test result is only for the clear bottle with the white writing, I have seen this company has different bottles with different colors of writing and I have not yet tested these other colors. This bottle was tested in 2017.

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Tamara Rubin
Mother of Lead Poisoned Children
Trained and Certified in using an XRF instrument

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