#LeadSafeMama Trading Cards! Series 1.0!

I came up with a fun new idea this weekend! This past week I got a first printing/prototype of my new “collectible leaded items business cards” made — because I have an event coming up at the end of this month (and I will need a bunch of business cards for that)… BUT…in creating these new cards I wanted them to be useful tools in their own right, and I took some inspiration from the work I have been doing in finalizing the copy and images for my book!

I got 200 cards made with this first round — 40 sets of 5 cards, each of the 5 cards with a different photo image of an item I have tested along with the XRF lead readings for each item!

I realized that these cards could be fun for you too! If you had a set of these five cards in your wallet or handbag, you could have them at the ready to show to friends (and especially family!), if you are visiting and want to share with them about the concern of lead in consumer goods! You can share the whole “deck” of five cards with your friends to look at, and if they are interested, even give them one of the cards to keep.

The cards are done on cotton paper with a white back that is matt finish (so you can easily write notes on them if you like); they are square business card size and easily fit in your wallet. On the back of the cards is my contact information – including my website, in case they want to look up more information, or have questions.

I am offering them as a “donation perk” for each person who donates $5.25 or more via my website’s “Chip In” link  [a donation of $5.25 covers the costs of the cards (which cost me 60 cents each right now, so $3.00 for a set of five) plus an envelope, a stamp, the PayPal fee — and $1 extra towards my advocacy work].  Anything you donate above $5.25 is very welcome. If you chip-in more than $10.50 and want more than one set of cards sent to you, please let me know (via e-mail or a note included with your contribution!)

If this is a hit I am going to keep doing this, with a different set of cards produced (different images) each time! I am calling this prototype set “Series 1”, and I will mark subsequent sets with the date and series number… so you can “collect them all!”

Here’s the “Chip-In” link!
As I am not associated with a nonprofit, contributions are not tax deductible.

Thank you!


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