My response to The Salt’s article on lead in crock pots.

Dear NPR/ The Salt / @NPRFood & Natalie Jacewicz,

Please make this correction on your crockpot article dated 12/8/2017:

YOU CANNOT use a home lead test kit to test a mass manufactured crock pot for lead. The limit of detection (low threshold) in the home kits is 600 ppm lead and the amount of lead in most of these crock-pots is in the 50 to 200 ppm range, below the limit of detection of the swab kits. To tell your readers to use a home test kit (on an item like this) for “peace of mind” is a waste of their money.

Please read this blog post here:

Also read all my posts about crock pot testing here:

All my testing was done with an XRF instrument, which is really the only tool to use to test for total lead content in a modern ceramic item.

Thanks for reading and checking out my links.

Tamara Rubin
Mother of Lead Poisoned Children

Click the image below to read NPR’s original article.

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