#FlashSale (To support my advocacy in 2018!)

Click the heart below to chip-in $75 in support of my advocacy work in 2018!
Thank you!

The #FlashSale rate is only good during an announced Flash Sale. #FlashSale announcements are done here on my blog and on Facebook (on the LeadSafeMama page) and sometimes via my e-mail list (which you can subscribe to using the “subscribe” button on this page.)

The current #FlashSale $75 rate is good until midnight PST on Monday, September 3, 2018.

Here’s the link to the post for this #FlashSale.

This is the third LeadSafeMama #FlashSale for 2018 and will be also my last #FlashSale for participating in consumer goods XRF testing in 2018!  Once you make your contribution you can send in a box of up to ten items (including 9 simple items and one complex item) to be tested anytime in the following 12 months after the date of your contribution.

This work is not affiliated with a nonprofit and, as a result, your contribution is not tax deductible.

Note: If you want your items sent back to you, return shipping for the box of items you send in will need to be paid in addition to the contribution you are making to help cover testing, but you can do that later – once you know how much it costs to ship your box to me for testing.

Thank you for clicking and for contributing!

After you make your payment (by clicking the heart above) I will follow up with you with details on the following:

  • How to send in a box of things for testing.
  • Where to send a box of things for testing.
  • When to send in a box of things for testing.
  • What you can include in the box of things you are sending in for testing.
  • What you can expect from sending in a box of things for testing.

Thanks for supporting my independent consumer goods testing and advocacy in this way!

As always, let me know if you have any questions!

Tamara Rubin

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