Jewelry: Lady Bug Charm, Enamel

Lady bug charm: 17,100 parts per million (ppm) lead.

The amount of lead that is considered toxic in an item intended for children is anything 90 parts per million lead or higher. Most vintage enamel pieces are very high lead, usually closer to 400,000 ppm lead!  With an item as small as this one – the concern is that it could be swallowed by a child, which could lead to convulsions and eventually death if not detected and removed in time.

As a result I always recommend that children who are admitted to the emergency room with stomach pain (especially those without a fever) be checked for lead exposure. A blood lead test is simple and inexpensive. It is also an oft-overlooked test in emergency room procedures and could save many children if it is added to the standard protocol.

For safer choices for your family please check out this link:

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