#FidgetSpinner: Metal with Rainbow Finish

  • Sent in by: Melanie in Portland.
  • Color: Metallic Rainbow with Metallic Rainbow Center Dot.
  • Lead Testing Result:  SUPRISE! This one was NEGATIVE for lead! (ND / Non-Detect).
  • Purchase Date: May 26, 2017.
  • Purchase Price: $8.46.
  • Vendor/ Brand: “Finger Spinner“?*

*I am including my affiliate link for the fidgets I can find on Amazon, however given the unpredictability of these products and the lack of oversight and regulatory enforcement I cannot guarantee that a future purchase of the same or similar item will have the same lead levels, so please (in the case of fidget spinners) do not consider this an endorsement by me – just a way for you to continue your research / learn more in a more direct way about the product.  In each of these tests all accessible parts were tested and they were not disassembled.  If a spinner easily came apart or was broken, we tested the inner parts as well as the exterior.  Please see my fidget spinner testing videos to watch (in real-time / filmed live on camera) the testing that was done for each spinner.

Note: If I do not list readings for Cadmium (Cd), Mercury (Hg) and Arsenic (As) that means it was also non-detect/ negative for those elements.

In general the simple plastic fidgets tend to be either negative for lead or within “acceptable levels” by both U.S. and European standards.  The metal ones range from lead-free to VERY HIGH LEAD! Please understand that lead-free fidgets, while considered safe from a toxicity perspective, may still may present a choking hazard to young children (as well as other potential hazards) – especially children with special needs who might have a greater tendency to put things in their mouth (regardless of their age.)

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