The first 10 “1 in 3” necklaces for sale on Ebay!

In response to so many of my friends suggesting I sell the “1 in 3” necklaces that my husband made for me… suggestions to do this both so others can have one and also as a way to help raise funds for my advocacy work… I bought the components to make ten of these necklaces in sterling silver and I posted ten auctions on eBay! Please check them out and bid on one if you are so inclined.  For each necklace that reaches a bid of $64 or more, I will send a second necklace to a mama of lead poisoned children from the secret parent-run advocacy group we have on Facebook. Click on the image below to get to one of the posts on eBay and then click the “see other items” link to see the other listings! (Or click the image to the right to see the eBay auctions.)

Thank you!

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