Thanks to you and your friends for visiting this site 39,831 times in March!

This site had 39,831 unique visits in March! Thank you for visiting!
Please keep sending your friends, especially those who are looking for ways to protect their children from environmental toxicity in their homes, schools and environment!

I really appreciate your efforts to spread the word.

As always, for #SaferChoices for your family, click here!
A small portion of anything you purchase from Amazon when you click through from this site will help support my advocacy work so I can continue to help families everywhere! Click through to Amazon from the links here on the right margin of this page >>>> (You don’t have to buy any of those things for me to get a percentage! Just start your shopping by clicking one of those links to get through to Amazon before you start shopping!)  Thanks to you my “Amazon Affiliate” earnings for March 2017 were $352.87!

Or you can always donate directly via my GoFundMe, here!  Thank you!

April 1 2017

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