This Week’s Contest on Facebook! #Kleynimals

As we have discussed a lot on my Facebook page, house keys often have very high levels of lead.  Unfortunately children are inexplicably drawn to playing with your keys!

While letting babies play with metal things that they might put in to their mouth is not generally a good policy… Kleynimals is a new company that has come up with a lead-free solution that is also safe in other ways and may keep your child as easily entertained as your house keys.

Kleynimals is not compensating me in any way to share about this product… I just thought it was a fun solution and wanted to share it with you!  And when I contacted them to ask if they would donate a set to one of our contests… they said “yes!” So… win win! Check out their site & then click through to Facebook to participate in this free-to-enter contest.  All of my contests are designed to encourage others to learn more about lead and lead poisoning prevention – information they will hopefully then share with their friends and family! screen-shot-2017-01-08-at-2-41-24-pm

This week’s Facebook Contest!

Click the image below to go to the film’s Facebook page to participate in the contest!

Thank you for participating !  Thank you to our new friends at Kleynimals for donating this prize for our contest!

Check out Kleynimals website here!


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