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#LeadFree: Vintage 1950s Silverware, Blossom Time

My husband’s mother died of a very aggressive form of lung cancer when he was just 18 years old (c. 1976.).  As a result, I never met my mother-in-law – and my children never had her as a grandma. Somehow, with all that has happened to our little family in the past 16 years [April […]

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#XRFTesting: Lead Free Children’s Jewelry; Alex & Ani

Alex & Ani Bracelets: Lead Free, Cadmium Free, Mercury Free, Arsenic Free! All components tested on bracelets pictured below. Please note:  I cannot personally guarantee that all items from this brand will be lead free. Several are listed as having “crystals” which could be leaded (and cannot be assumed to be unleaded.) Only the specific […]

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#XRFTesting: My Little Pony Necklace

My Little Pony Necklace: Lead Free, Cadmium Free, Mercury Free, Arsenic Free! All components tested. Newly made / recently made costume jewelry made and sold as intended for children is usually lead free, but not always. Note: when making choices for children, please avoid ALL vintage costume jewelry as it is nearly always VERY HIGH […]

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#LeadedMusic; Lead in Trumpet Mouthpieces!

Leaded Trumpet Mouthpieces. – Only one of the mouthpieces pictured below has no lead. – Trumpet mouthpieces (and mouthpieces on any brass instruments for that matter) are not regulated at all for total lead content (but no worries – it’s not like they go up against your mouth or anything! #Sarcasm!) – For context: the […]

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#SaferChoices: Jewelry

Given how much lead there can be in older – and newer – jewelry (both in the metals and in the faux jewels), my recommendation for jewelry has always been to stick with pure solid sterling silver (it should be marked 925 in a stamp somewhere on the item – see inside of ring image […]

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